The Journey Begins

你好!  Welcome to Canadian Travel Tips.  I created this site for one specific reason – to let other ordinary people like me experience what the world has to offer in luxury.

Have you ever seen Instagram pictures of people travelling in first class and felt envious?  Have you read travel blogs like one mile at a time or ThePointsGuy and wonder how they can travel every few weeks?  Read on and you can be one of them – guaranteed!

CanadianTravelTipsYou can be knocking places like this off your bucket list much sooner than you think.

Within this site contains all the knowledge I have accumulated over the years on travel hacking – allowing you to travel like a millionaire on the cheap.  This is knowledge that I wish I had years ago and now offer this to you guys freely so you can now be a expert “travel hacker” instantly.

Most people will be skeptical of my intentions and think I’d doing this for some sort of personal gain.  I can promise you that is not my intentions at all – I pay all site hosting costs out of pocket and there are no ads on this site.

I do leave personal referral links where appropriate, but these links often benefit the reader with better than public offers.  In any case, you, the reader, am free to choose to not use these links at all and find their own or not use one at all.

CanadianTravelTipsFirst class travel?  read on to find out how.

Unlike most other travel blogs, I write a complete end to end guide assuming you are new to this and starting from scratch (which will be most people I know).

I focus solely on the Canadian market, rather most other travel blogs which focus on the US market.  Instead of blogging about my amazing trips travelling in premium cabins, the one and only goal of this site is to let YOU do the same.

I recommend you start the guide from the beginning and work your way to the end.  Throughout the guide, I give concrete examples on what to do but once you get the idea behind travelling using points and miles, the possibilities are truly endless and limited only by your imagination and determination.

Happy reading!