About Canadian Travel Tips

Greetings, fellow world travelers.

Kevin here, the creator of CanadianTravelTips.com.  In May 2018 I created this site for 2 main reasons.

  1. Over the months, I have had a lot of friends and family asking how I travel in premium cabins so often.  It’s hard to describe all the intricacies behind the scenes in a 5 minute conversation so I thought I’d lay it out on a website; and also use it as a sort of personal tracker of all the knowledge the hobby has given me and the flights I’ve taken.
  2. I was still in that honeymoon phase where I was amazed by the possibilities of points and miles and I wanted to share it with everyone.  I couldn’t believe how anyone would pass this up if they learn even 1% of the game.

I discovered the hobby in early 2018 (which in my personal opinion was a terrible time to get started.  That was the time where everything was getting nerfed – the demise of the AC Conversion card, the derailing of the Amex referral train and the end of the Marriott travel packages).  I’ve always been credit savvy – never carrying a balance and “maximizing” my rewards by putting all my spending onto my 2% cashback MBNA card, which I thought was the best card in the market.

Anyway, I was aware of welcome bonuses at the time and I did apply for new cards maybe once or twice a year.  One day I had a epiphany and thought to myself why doesn’t one just apply for all the cards in the market and get all of their bonuses?  I had came across the word “churning” a few times but always dismissed it by thinking it was a gimmick and the rewards wasn’t worth the hassle and risk.  That day, I decided to look more into it and came across the Churning Canada sub-Reddit.  I spent the whole night reading pages upon pages of threads, coming away thinking: what did I just discover?

You see, for someone to who has only ever had a few cards to suddenly apply for three, four or more cards at once requires a drastic motivator – almost as if breaking through a mental barrier.  I had to be convinced that it wasn’t a lot of work, it wasn’t risky and it doesn’t ruin my credit in the future.

After my initial few cards, I came to realize how easy it was to get new cards approved.  I became better at the game, leveraging product switches, how to talk to reps to cards approved (I have never once been rejected for a credit card application and I hope to keep the record going!) and I learned the ins and outs of different point systems.  I discovered system glitches that netted me hundreds of thousands of points and ways to manufacture spending.  Today, I have points in a variety of currencies and I can go pretty much anywhere I want at a moment’s notice.

The reason why I am telling you all this is not to humble brag.  I want to share my story because anyone can be the same and travel in business and first class, as much as they want.  All it takes is the sufficient motivation and take the plunge to try it for yourself.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone follow the guides I have laid out and get on their first round the world trip in business class and tell me how amazing it was – and that is the reason this site exists.


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