ANA Business Class 787-9

Class: All Nippon Business Class
Aircraft: 787-9
Flight: NH116
Seat: 10k
Route: HND-YVR
Date: January 28, 2019 | 10:26PM – 1:15PM
Actual Flight time: 7 hours 57 minutes
Booking: Aeroplan: Hong Kong & Asia

I was very excited for this flight as I’ve read great things about ANA, and given the amazing time I had in Japan I had high expectations for the food and service on this flight.  I arrived at Haneda with about 1.5 hours to spare (fun fact: there are no Priority pass lounges in HND, only NRT has them).

According to ANA’s website, there are 2 lounges, one near gate 110 and one near 114.  Since gate 110 is right after security, I figured the lounge near 114 would be more quiet.  However, I spent about 20 minutes trying to find this lounge before I gave up and went to the one near gate 110.  I have never failed to find a lounge before so I have no idea what happened…

This lounge was one of the best business class lounge I have been to – it wasn’t crowded, seating was comfortable and the food was absolutely excellent.  The buffet served high quality Japanese food and there was a fresh made to order soba/udon/curry station.  I had 2 bowls of delicious soba and udon.  After watching videos for 30 minutes I asked for a shower, but was told it would be a 30 minute wait.  Boarding was due to start in 40 minutes so I waited, but the buzzer never went off, so once again I didn’t get my shower.

The Flight

ANA business class boarding pass

I was seated at 10k, one of the more private seats next to the window in the mini business class cabin.  I love flying on Boeing 787s as they feature larger windows, the engines are slightly quieter, the cabin is pressurized to a lower altitude and have a higher cabin humidity level.  All of these features lead to a much more enjoyable flight, no matter where you are sitting.  Compound this with the notorious Japanese hospitality, I could tell this was going to be a very good flight.

There is a table area beside each seat, which is also where the seat controls are.  The Amenity kit, slippers and blanket was rolled up in the ottoman area when I arrived.  Seats are wide but there isn’t actually much space to store items other than the table.  There are also no individual air nozzles.

Food and Drinks

Even though this flight is one of the shorter trans-pacific flight leaving late at night, the menu came well stocked with a full dinner, breakfast and a dine anytime menu.  Naturally, I ordered the Japanese menu, as I was flying a Japanese carrier departing from Japan.

The food was presented beautifully.  However,  some Japanese dishes are quite bland as they like to emphasize the natural flavoring of each ingredients rather than over seasoning everything.  Perhaps in combination with me being stuffed from noodles at the lounge, I have to say the dinner was one of those dishes which I found the taste a little too mild.  For dessert I ordered the January special – green tea mousse which was delicious.

For breakfast, I overslept so I didn’t get a chance to sample the breakfast or dine anytime dishes – which was a shame because I was looking forward to sampling their curry and corn soup.  Trust me – after travelling and massively over eating for 2 weeks in a row, food becomes quite low on your priority list.


ANA offers a cute cloth kit by Neal’s Yard.  Other than the usual eye mask, toothbrush and earplugs, goodies includes a facial mist, hand cream and lip balm.  In addition, I give big kudos to ANA for having individual cloth bag for the slippers that also includes a shoehorn.  The slippers are of high quality and can be re-used.


ANA completely lived up to the hype – great food, seats, amenities and the service was just impeccable.  What else is there to say?

Given their low surcharges, I am definitely going to be booking a longer flight to try their other food offerings in the future.