EVA Air Business Class 777-300ER

Class: EVA Air Business class
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Flight: BR15
Seat: 9A
Route: LAX-TPE
Date: January 15, 2019 | 12:15AM – 5:22AM (+1)
Actual Flight time: 13 hours 37 minutes
Booking: Aeroplan: Hong Kong & Asia

I got off the Air Canada plane at LAX at 6:30pm and my EVA air flight’s boarding time wasn’t due to start until 10:15pm, so I had almost 4 hours to transfer terminals and try out a lounge or two.

I had to transfer from Terminal 6 to Terminal B – it took at least 15 minutes of walking and I had to ask for directions along the way.  Thankfully, I did not have to clear customs and security again.  Once in Terminal B, I headed to PF Chang, which is a Priority Pass Restaurant, where pass holders get $30 USD to spend on food or drinks.

The restaurant was very busy when I got there, being the prime time for evening flights.  I seated myself at the bar and I ordered a Ice tea (no sugar) and a shrimp & Chicken Pad thai.  The noodles were tasty, slightly above par what you would find at a food court.  My bill came to just over $30 and I also gave the bartender a couple dollars as tip.

Next, I checked out the Star Alliance lounge which I had access as I am flying business class on a Star Alliance airline.  The lounge is just upstairs from the PF Chang’s.

Unfortunately, the lounge was also quite packed with travelers.  The lounge had both inside seating and outside seating that overlooks the concourse, which is where I spent most of my time.  Although I was already quite full, I tried out the noodle station where I made myself an vegetable miso soup rice noodle.

Before my flight, I also used the showers to freshen up after my flight from Vancouver.  The shower rooms were very roomy and came well stocked.  You can see they had a sign that explains their low water pressure – and they weren’t kidding around.  I have never seen such low water pressure from a lounge before, the water temperature also seem to fluctuate without me touching the temperature knob.  Well, at least low water pressure is still better than no shower at all!  After my shower I headed over to find my gate.

The Flight

Eva Air business class 777 boarding pass

When I got to the gate they were calling my name to come to the gate desk.  This was the first time I’ve ever had someone call for me – it turns out they needed to see my itinerary and re-issue my boarding pass (no explanation was given even when I asked).

The gate was absolutely packed with people, the flight seemed to be fully loaded seating over 300 passengers.  Finally, it turns out the flight departed from a remote terminal that could only be accessed by bus.  I thankfully escaped the crowds by using priority boarding to get on board earlier.

I was welcome aboard and I made my way to my seat, 9A by the window.

The seats were roomy and had quite a lot of space to store items.  Although the screen wasn’t the newest or biggest like some of the newer planes, the seat was very comfortable.  I was given a pre-departure drink, menu, hot towel, amenity kit and slippers before take-off.  Once in the air, champagne and an amuse bouche was served.  The service was top notch, you can see the asian etiquette shine through each of the attendants as they kneel by your seat to ask you for your lunch and dinner choices.  However, given the full load of the plane, it did take some time for them to get to everyone.

When it came sleeping time, EVA air does offer turn-down service but apparently you have to request it.  I made my own bed by turning the seat to flat and putting a mattress pad over the seat.  The blankets was very comfortable without being too hot and I also liked the stars on the cabin ceiling.  I slept a solid 5-6 hours and woke up for a mid-flight snack 🙂


Food and Drinks

EVA Air allows you to pre-order your dinner and I recommend you do so – as you get a lot more additional choices that is not available on board.Eva Air Business Class 777 menu

This is the menu handed to me on the plane.

I had pre-orderd the lobster, which was very good.  Actually better than the one I had in Cathay Pacific first class.

After I woke up, I ordered an instant noodles even though I was not even hungry at all.Eva Air Business Class 777 food

For Breakfast, I had the congee with some green tea and fruit.

All the food was very good – particularly because I love asian food.  However, the congee condiments does have some mysterious ingredients as sides that I get not everyone will appreciate or be able to identify.


You are handed slippers and pajamas soon after boarding.  The pajamas are comfortable, but the Cathay pajamas are of higher quality I would say.  You also get a very nice amenity kit (the best I’ve even seen).  The Ferragamo branded leather bag feels very luxurious and can definitely be used for future personal use.  It also came well stocked – there is actually another smaller leather pouch that contains the creams.


This really was a fantastic flight, I did not feel bored or dissatisfied one minute during the entire ride.  The food was good and of high quality.  The seat and bed were also comfortable, the amenity kit was the best I’ve seen and its quite rare that you get free pajamas now in business class.  The service was impeccable as well.

If I had to cross the pacific again I would definitely look towards EVA air in the future.