EVA Air Business Class 787-9

Class: EVA Air Business class
Aircraft: 787-9
Flight: BR857
Seat: 5K
Route: TPE-HKG
Date: January 16, 2019 | 6:42PM – 8:27PM
Actual Flight time: 1 hours 44 minutes
Booking: Aeroplan: Hong Kong & Asia

I had about 12.5 hours in Taiwan before my flight to Hong Kong.  I specifically planned it like this to take advantage of the free half day tours TPE airport organizes for tourists free of charge!

Canadian passport holders can enter Taipei with no visa, and I was given no trouble even though I did not have a hotel or place of residence in Taiwan.  Once in the arrival hall, it is easy to sign up for the tour at the information center located in the middle.  I signed up for the morning tour, which lasts from roughly 8:15am to 12:30pm.  The tour bought me to see temples and a street that contains all sorts of ceramics products and souveniers.  There was also a tour guide giving us a lesson into Taiwan’s history.  The tour as a whole was quite high quality, especially considering it doesn’t cost a penny.

Afterwards, I went lounge hopping in TPE airport, starting with the EVA air Infinity lounge where I took a shower. The lounge was surprisingly quite empty when I went there and there is a nice area overlooking the terminal.

Afterwards I went to the Priority pass lounge, which had better food than EVA Air’s lounge.  They had a fresh to order noodle station and the Taiwan beef noodle was excellent, I had 3 bowls 🙂

The PP lounge also had private nap rooms, but they cost extra so I didn’t try them out.  Instead I took a nap at one of the chairs until it was time to board my flight.  Again, the gate was super crowded and I took advantage of priority boarding to get on board as early as possible.

The Flight


It turns out this route is serviced by a 787-9 aircraft, which EVA air just very rencently starting ordering for their fleet.  The plane I was on must have been less than 2 months old, so everything was very clean.  The cabin looked gorgeous with the dark leather scheme and open suite concept.

I was in seat 5k which is located nearer the window giving me excellent privacy.  All the controls are to my left including the screen controls, earphone jack, light and seat controls.  The screen was a big 18 inch glossy one with very vibrant colors – movies looked amazing on it.  There is also get a mini storage compartment with a mirror on the side table, which is where the earphones was stored.  Seriously, huge props to EVA air for these seats, I just wish I could have tried it out on a overnight flight rather than a sub-2 hour hop across to Hong Kong.

There was no amenity kit given on this flight, which was acceptable since it was so short but I was still a little disappointed I couldn’t add to my collection.

Food and Drinks

For such a short flight, I was surprised a full drink and dinner service was served.  I ordered the Wok friend Beef with sparkling water and lime.  I was also offered a bread basket where I chose garlic bread (as always).  The appetizer, bread and fruit was excellent, while the main was simple average.  Truthfully after eating 3 noodles at the lounge I wasn’t even remotely hungry, but I still manage to finish everything.

After I arrived in Hong Kong, I ate some more noodles at the arrival lounge that is available for priority pass holders.  I truly have no shame while on vacation..


EVA air simply is a great way to cross the Pacific into Asia.  From free airport tours and a abundance of above average lounges, having a layover in TPE is a pleasure, not a chore.  Moreover, EVA air has very good seats and food.  To top it off, on both trips service from flight attendants felt both warm and genuine.