TD Points

Like most other banks, TD has co-branded cards with another loyalty program as well as their own points system, which is unimaginatively named “TD Points”.

The good news is that TD’s loyalty partner is Aeroplan, which makes it great way to earn the miles needed for our business class trips around the world, along with the other Aeroplan partners American Express and CIBC.  The bad news is that every since the Air Canada announcement of starting their own program, TD has not ran any promotions on their Aeroplan cards recently; and their current offerings is quite poor (you barely break after paying the annual fees and certainly not worth a credit hit).

canadiantraveltips-td cards

However, not all is lost, as TD offers annual fee rebates for certain cards if you hold their All Inclusive Account.  This gives you the ability to get the visa infinite card for 15k bonus with no minimum spending.  In addition, TD has also made it explicitly clear that you qualify for welcome bonuses if you have no held the card for 6 months – so you can switch between Aeroplan cards and TD points cards back and forth 2 times a year and collect the welcome bonus!

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You have to stash $5,000 in their chequing account to waive the monthly fees, so you forgo around $125 in lost interest (assuming interest of 2.5%, which is what Tangerine offers existing clients).  However, you have to decide if the trouble is worth 15k Aeroplan and around $200 in TD points every year for doing so.  If are currently paying monthly fees on another bank’s account, I would say this is a no-brainer.

Moving on the actual topic of this post, TD points.

TD’s promotions on credit cards has been on their TD points cards for the last 6 months, so they are really pushing them hard.  You can earn these points on 4 cards.  The current offer is on the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite.

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For 0 annual fees, you get 40k points with no minimum spends – worth around $200.  While the last few months offered 50k points, I would still say this card is worth it.  Why?  Because of how flexible these points are.

TD points can be used on TD Expedia, credited against any travel expenses you make, merchandise or “shop the mall” which allows you to use points on a number of retailer websites themselves.

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With TD Expedia, each TD points is worth 0.5c each, so 40k is worth $200 (40,000*0.005).  In addition, you earn 9 TD points for each dollar spend on TD Expedia, which equates to a whopping 4.5% return.  If you use Expedia a lot for your travel plans, this card is a must have.

However, the real value for me is the ability to use these points towards your own travel expenses.  Using it towards your own travel gives a slightly lower redemption rate, 1 pt = 0.04c each, so 40k is around $160.  However, you will always have travel expenses even if you pay for everything in Aeroplan or Alaska miles due to Airport fees and taxes, making these points extremely easy to use which can be used in conjunction with our Aeroplan points.

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In fact, this is exactly what I used them for.  I racked up about $370 in surcharges and fees in my latest Aeroplan trip booking and this card helped me knock off $217 from it, making it an even better deal!

In conclusion, TD points can effectively be turned into cash at a decent rate if you have any travel at all. This is made all the sweeter if you have or need a TD all inclusive account, where you can switch between TD points and Aeroplan every 6 months.

However, if you don’t,  and you still have the Amex train, MBNA Alaska or RBC Avion to apply for, I would give this a pass for now.  $160 for a credit hit is worthwhile only if you have used up the better offers out there.

Click here to apply for the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite