Thai Airways Business Class A330

Class: Thai Airways Business Class
Aircraft: A330
Flight: TG639
Route: HKG-BKK
Seat: 12A
Date: January 23, 2019 | 7:11PM – 8:47PM
Actual Flight time: 2 hours 35 minutes
Booking: Aeroplan: Hong Kong & Asia

Thai Airways checks in at Terminal 2 of HKG International Airport – which I’ve never been in before  Essentially, the gates and security are actually in the same Terminal 1 area but some airlines check in counters uses Terminal 2 because presumably they ran out of space in T1.

I checked in and walked 10 minutes back to T1, got through security and had to decide which lounges to visit.  I was spoilt for choice in HKG – Star Alliance business class passengers have access to Thai Orchid, United club and SilverKris lounge while Amex Platinum gives access to Plaza Premium and Centurion lounge for a total of 5 lounges to potentially visit!

I first visited Plaza Premium – it was the best PP I’ve been in (I guess it shouldn’t be surprising as they are headquartered and founded in HK).  There is a fresh noodle station with local HK flavors like fish ball noodle soup.  I then checked out the Orchid Thai lounge, which was very spacious and didn’t have many people at all.  The specialty of this lounge in my opinion is the “Thai boat” noodle soup, I loved the taste and got a couple of bowls before I stopped myself.

Finally, I visited the Amex Centurion lounge, hearing good thing about their food and drinks.  It was quite crowded, bu their hot food was definitely different from the usual Priority Pass / business class lounges.  I rounded off my multi-lounge experience with a movenpick ice cream before it was time to board my flight.

The Flight

Thai Royal Silk boarding pass

Thai is known for flying wide-body jets on a lot of their regional and short haul routes.  This is usually a good thing, although most of their jets are not the newest and feature last generation seats in my opinion.  Having said that, for short flights that is completely fine.  My first feeling when I boarded was it was very “thai” – serene thai music was playing in the background and there were flowers on every seat.

The seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 fashion, with a pillow and wrapped blanket waiting on each seat.  Headphones and a pre-departure drinks (I chose the Thai Signature drink Tamarind Tea ) were also handed out before takeoff.  The seat controls are on the hand-rest and offer many individual configuration.  In sleep mode, they are angled flat (not that anyone slept on this short evening flight).  No Amenity kit was given on this flight.

All in all, quite comfortable for a short hop across SE Asia.

  Food and Drinks

The drink list was impressive for a regional flight I have to say.  I tried both of the Thai signature drinks which was good but a little too sweet for me.  For my meal I chose the Thai Panaeng curry since I was flying a Thai carrier.  The food is served on a single tray (no multi course offerings).

The curry was insanely good and flavorful, although the meat was a little too lean and chewy.  The banana cake was perfectly moist and delicious.  I found the food overall to be excellent and infinitely better than Air Canada’s regional meal equivalent.


While the seats are not cutting edge, Thai really impressed me on this short 2.5 hour flight.  Service was good and the food and drinks was unexpectedly decent even though I was already full from the HKG lounges.  The whole experience also managed to convey a very relaxing “Thai” feel, as if I was already in Thailand.  In conclusion a better than average short haul experience.