Why should I travel?

This is a completely valid question.  You might also be thinking this:

  • Why should I take the time off work (and potentially lose income) and spend the time / money?
  • Why should I give up the comfort of my current lifestyle and take on the risks associated with travelling?
  • Where should I go?
  • My friends do not have the time to come with me.

Let me try to give my own perspective on this.  Obviously, this is subjective so if you think it doesn’t apply to you or I got it completely wrong, fair enough.

It gives you the ultimate life experiences

If you want to experience the most of what life and the world has to offer, then what we can do is to see as many places in our beautiful planet as possible.  For me, it gives me a reason to say I have truly lived my life to the fullest.  It is not so much the end result that is important, but the journey there.

For some reason, the most memorable life experiences and life changing events always seem to happen when you travel.   You would be surprised the friends you can make when travelling and the amazing stories you hear.

Life is indeed very short and these experiences don’t just magically happen, so act on it now!


It changes the way you view the world and more importantly, yourself

Rather than living the comfortable life that you built up day-in, day-out, interacting with new environments and experiencing new lifestyles of a foreign country will expand the way you think and see the world.

It is always interesting to talk to people who have traveled to many different places.  Other than the fact they have more travel stories to impress other with, the more you travel the more you realize how many places you have yet to experience.  I think it broadens your horizons and makes you into a more open minded person.


As for where to go, this is a tough one – not because it is hard to find a place, but because there are simply too many places yet to discover.  A week in the safari plains of South Africa, a boat adventure on the Mekong River, trekking on the Inca trail or hiking in Nepal and the Everest base camp, visiting the shrines of Japan and their bamboo forests, scuba diving in the great barrier reef off Australia, seeing the mirror lake phenomenon of Salar De Uyuni, I can go on forever…

I have recently been browsing G Adventures a lot, although I have no experience on their tours their and can’t comment on their value, their trip itineraries that they have online for each tour really gives me a lot of inspiration to draw from.

Travelling Solo

Travelling solo can be scary, especially if you have never did it before.  I admit I have issues with this as well.

The honest truth is most of us are lazy and happy with our current lifestyle. We don’t want to put in the effort to something new we don’t have to and never tried before.  Nobody wants to do something completely new, especially by themselves!

All I can say is just do it.  If you keep thinking about it it will never happen.  The only way you can change yourself is to get out of your comfort just once and make a drastic change in your life.  Following your dreams is always hard and if you take no risks at all, it makes it even harder.

Also, when travelling alone, you will find out stuff about yourself that you never discover otherwise.  Solo travelling is when you will truly get to know yourself, I can promise you that.

For my Chinese friends, the video below inspired me to travel, I highly suggest you watch it.

Did I convince you even the slightest?  Read on to discover “Travel Hacking” to see how it is possible even if you earn minimum wage!